Friday, August 12, 2011

Visit with Atroshkins!

Happy to see Anzhelika and Liza! Even Ihar was happy to see the family!

Liza and Ihar....Liza has been to my house before.

I love this family! We are at Grandmother's Datscha; Anzhelika, Sergei, David, Ihar, Angelina, Liza, Anya, 3 cousins and Antie complete the photo.

David is taller than his father! Liza gives "the pose"!

The kitchen inside the datscha. Ihar is helping himself to some "kukarooza" or corn!
The kids cooked dinner for me...corn, boiled potatos and a cucumber salad. Anya and Liza competed for my attention. Anya won out most times...she was anxious to show me everything!

Sergei with 3 of his girls, a niece and a nephew (these are his sister's children)....They are showing me nuts growing on the tree.

A datscha would not be a datscha without beautiful flowers in the garden! This is Liza!

Three beautiful Atroshkina girls! Angelina, Anya and Liza!

Ihar and David...David is one of Ihar's good friends. They are the same age. David has finished Grade 9 and will move to the trade school to learn working with metal. Ihar will remain at the Cadet School. David has been working this summer sometimes helping his father who is working in St. Petersburg, Russia.

Great Grandmother's Datscha....isn't the scenery beautiful?!

Great Grandmother (83 yrs. old)....Angelina, Anya, Cousin, Liza and Cousin

I was the first American Great Grandmother has visited with. She was precious and so Russian!! I love this photo! All in all, it was a great visit with my precious friends...Pray for them, their lives are difficult right now.

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