Thursday, April 29, 2010

"He is the Father to the Fatherless"

Feb. 17 we mailed two very important letters to Belarus. One to the Minister of Education and the second one to the Director of Ihar's school/orphanage. We wrote requesting permission for Ihar to come to America to study abroad for the remainder of his education. We received responses back from both men. The Director of his school promised to help us in anyway. The Minister of Education gave reason upon reason why he would not permit it.

Did these reponses come as any surprise to our Lord? No. Do we need to give up? No. Is God Unfair? No.

He reminded me that "He is the father to the fatherless", "that He hears us when we call out to Him", "His way is perfect", "He rules over the nations", "God is seated on his holy throne", "He will watch over Ihar's comings and goings", "not to swerve to the right or the left", "let my eyes look straight ahead". "guard my heart"....and "The kings heart is in the hand of the Lord, he directs it like a watercourse wherever he pleases" (Proverbs 21:1)

What promises! And He Always Keeps His Word! So, we will respond to the Minister of Education and will continue to keep asking, trusting God in His perfect timing for our request to be answered. In the meantime, we are preparing our hearts for what God wants to accomplish in us.

We appreciate any prayers lifted up on behalf of Ihar and his student visa. We love you. We serve a God who is more than able to meet any need or request.