Sunday, October 25, 2009

Letter from Ihar (Oct., 2009)

My latest letter from Ihar:

Hi, Mama and Papa, How are you doing?Sorry for my not writing for long. I had a good vacation. And now I am very busy at school. The school I going well for me. I am learning English. I have started thinking about my future professions. As of now, I am planning to try to get to the Aviation school and to become a military pilot. How is Miranda in South Korea doing? We were told that next summer other kids and I may go to America. Are you going to come to Belarus at Christmas time? Thank you for everything you are doing for me!!!! How is Ethan? Does he play soccer? How is his team doing? How is Caddles (?)? Now when the school has started I can’t often go to Anzhelika and Sergei. I love you very much! Ihar