Friday, September 18, 2009

Fields of the Fatherless

By C. Thomas Davis...

One of the most convicting books I have read in a very long time.
In this world you are an orphan eagerly anticipating your adoption as God's child.
In this world you are a widow, longing for reunion with your Bridegroom.
In this world you are a stranger, a pilgrim waiting to become a citizen of heaven.
And in this world, God has called you to care for the orphan, the widow and the stranger.

"God gave the responsibility to care for the defenseless to those claiming to be followers of Christ. It is through our hands the Father's love comes. It is through our voices His voice is heard, it is through our efforts and those of the church that His care is revealed to the ones the rest of the world has forgotten. "

Why reach out??? "God calls His people to reach out to the defenseless because they are the neediest. Without our help, they die early deaths, they are swept into lives of poverty, they make bad decisions and end up in jail." "One person has the ability to completely revolutionize the life of an abandoned child, a foreigner who is here to study or work, a single mom, or an elderly widow."

True compassion is Involvement.

As most of you know reading this blog, our journey began when God brought into our home a 11 year old young man named Ihar from Belarus. During his visit to our home, God showed us His great love for Ihar by causing us to fall in love with his child. He is the ours even though we are unable to adopt. God gave him to us to love, to nurture to give hope too. Although Ihar was unable to come to America this past summer, God provided by placing Ihar in my host family (Atroshkin family) home for the summer. While their daughter, Liza, came to our home.

Ihar needs to know we are still there for him and that we still love him like a son. His biggest desire has been for Rommy and me to both come to Belarus this Christmas. While I have been unable to see how this could happen, God has used one very special person to pay our passage to Belarus. Still there are other funds we need...but yet God is showing us He has more work for us to do and the orphans in Belarus are part of that work. So while we are unsure about the rest of the funds, we are reaching out and trusting God in His unliminted resources and will go and get involved in these orphanages to a deeper level. Our trip begins December 28. There are so many orphans (like Ihar) who need to experience the Hope of Jesus. How can they know this hope if no one is willing to go?

Please pray for us. We love you all.