Saturday, April 25, 2009

God is Still on the Move!

It has been a long time since I have written! The Government of America and Belarus were not able to come to an agreement so the orphans and children in foster families will not be able to come to America this summer. Yes, that does mean my little boy, Ihar. Only he's not really so little (he is 12 years old)! He will be 13 years old on July, 25. Only the children who have families are allowed to travel to America.
We have been absolutely heart broken over this but God does has a plan and a purpose and His will is perfect. And we are trying to rest in that. We decided to invite Liza Atroshkin. She is the oldest daughter of my host family in Belarus. We shared a bed most of the nights (remember they have 7 children and only a 2 bedroom apartment) and she and I became great friends. She does speak some English and is so mature for her age. She went everywhere with Ihar and me and so they are good friends too! Here is a picture of Liza with Ihar. Liza would like to go to the university and learn to teach English for the schools in Belarus when she grows up.

Since my return to America in January, my host family have been getting Ihar out of the orphanage on Saturdays/Sundays and taking him to their church (most weekends). Inviting Liza to our house is a way to help her, help my host family and yes, even help Ihar.

I was able to call Ihar for the first time since coming home from Belarus!!! He is at my host family home and I cannot begin to tell you just how good it was to hear his voice!!!!!! I talked way too fast for him to understand everything I said. However, I know God will use it to remind him, how special he is and that he is loved so very very much. He told me "I love you too very very very very much!" It was priceless. There was much excitement at their home when they found out it was "Mata" from America calling! Now for the exciting news, Liza told me on the telephone that Ihar stay with their family this summer! He will stay with David (their oldest child) while Liza and her 2 sisters are in America! So while my heart grieves, God continues to show me He has not fogotten Ihar.

I will keep you posted on our visit with Liza. Thanks for praying for us, for Ihar and for the children of Belarus. There is such hopelessness in that part of the world....but my host family has HOPE as their HOPE is in the Lord.