Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Tour of churches...Belarus 2011

Ihar is standing in front of a Russian Orthodox church he helped lay  brick for. The main part of the church is behind the wooden building behind him.

 This is the smallest Russian Orthodox church in Belarus...it is one of the traditional places all newly married couples visit for photos....we saw several wedding couples.

It has a natural Spring where the water is clean and icy cold. I have seen this on previous visits to Belarus but the water is frozen in the winter!

This is a pool of water for "holy cleansing". It was busy while we were there.

 Catholic church

Three very "Russian" looking women! This is actually me, Tatiana and Linda. This is at the convent where nuns currently live and work. There is a small building which has a celler full of skulls and bones and a nun sits round the clock praying for those bones.

Ihar and me in front of the oldest part of the convent.

Inside of the convent which is beautiful. It was built in the early 1600's.

A burial plot for one of the saints of the church.


On the drive to the airport we passed this church.

Russian Orthodox church in Mogilev.

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