Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Ihar's city, Mogilev (Summer 2011)

Ihar in the heart of downtown Mogilev. The wedding chapel is the building
on your right. If you elect to get married in a church you still have to make
a visit to the chapel!!

This river runs between the city. It is called "Daniper" at least that is how it sounds,
but I'm sure the spelling is wrong!

Linda and myself sitting almost in a bed of flowers.

Town fountains....when it is really hot, you will find people getting
in the fountains!

Standing near one of the zodiac chairs in the heart of the city. Story goes that you sit
in the chair of you zodiac sign and your wish will come true. If my wish came true, Ihar
would be coming to America!!

Ihar and "his girl"...in front of the theatre.

Of course we visited a candy store! Candy is of high importance....you
will be served candy almost at every meal!
Ihar standing in front of one of the war memorials....

Tribute to the leaders of Belarus and Russia...

German tanks

Another war memorial..this is one that wedding couples also visit.

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