Saturday, August 13, 2011

Ihar...Some of our favorite photos

So happy to see Ihar! This trip was all about making memories to last a lifetime.

There is no price tag you can put on spending time with your kids!

He is growing up....He told me he wants to stay in Belarus until he finishes school...

...even though it hurts, we understand his he must make good marks at school if he wishes to stay where he is...It's up to him.

We told him we would do all we could to continue to help him. He is happy he has a family who cares for him and loves him even if we are in America.

When he finishes school, he will decide then if he will try to come to America or pursue a career in the military or police. He knows our home is always open to him. Our desire would be for him to come here!

God put Ihar in our lives for a reason. It is all in His hands. We love him as a son. He is our
We are proud of him! Yes, he makes some bad choices, and he knows we are not happy when he does that! But he really wants for us to be proud of him. And we are! We had alot of serious talks about things. As I said, he is growing up. He knows the importance of making better choices which will impact his future.
Loving him and so happy I got to spend some time reconnecting with him!

American smiles...all around!

We played alot of card games...which was great fun! 

Happy when he wins!!!

We love you Ihar! Mom, Dad, Miranda and Zack

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