Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Ihar Always Said......!!

Ihar always said to me, "Mom, Come to Belarus in the Summer, it is beautiful!"
He is so right!!!! There is so much green and so many flowers!
Ihar is proud of his country.

These photos were taken at the museum which is next to the zoo.
It was fun doing some "tourist" things with Ihar!

Isn't this gorgeous?!!! This is a hotel at the museum. It is just as beautiful
inside as it is outside! We went in to use the bathroom!

Ihar at the museum....We had some fun!

This was a datscha where the people used Coke and Sprite bottles to make all
their decorations, the roof and the gate....etc. It was amazing!!!

Wouldn't you agree!!! It is beautiful!! I wonder how many bottles
they had to use????

Here I am standing in front of their gate! Start counting those bottles!

Russian Orthodox Church

We were walking by when the bread truck drove up for a delivery....
my oh my but the bread smelled so good!!!!

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