Friday, August 12, 2011

Girls Orphanage & Foster Village

Ihar is standing in one of the dorm rooms for the girls. The cabinets are new from the last time I have visited the school/orphanage. My friend, Cheri, her daughter was in this orphanage. Many of Ihar's friends are here as this school and his school get together for many dances throughout the year. And the boys and girls are at camp together in the summer.

They are taught many skills. One of them is sewing and design. Aren't these cute?!

Ihar in front of a mural. All crafts are taught to the girls....beads, jewelry, painting, sketching, sewing, cross stitch, etc. I have given money in the past to help buy supplies for the girls.

The girls' handiwork from sewing class. I can't even sew!!!
We are at the SOS Foster Village. It has been open for only 1 year.
Ihar always goes with me when I visit the orphanages. I have wanted to tour this village from the first time I heard about it.

I was really impressed! It has been built with money from other countries, such as Germany. Each "home" has a mother who has been hired and up to 6 children in the home. There is no "dad" ....

This little guy took us on a "tour" of his home. He was so sweet and wanted to show us everything! Then when we got ready to leave, he gave us a muffin! I could almost see myself doing this kind of thing. 

SOS Foster Village, Mogilev, Belarus

Ihar looking at a photo of the president of Belarus.

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