Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Reunion Day!!! July 30, 2011

On Saturday, we (me, Tatiana and my friend Linda (who traveled with me)) picked Ihar up from camp! Ihar is now 15 but was still happy to see me (it had been a year and 7 months since I saw him last). This photo says it all, "Hi Mom! Welcome to Belarus!". It was an emotional time for us both. I was so happy to see him! I think he was happy to see me too!
Do I look slightly happy or what? He is a good looking 15 year old!!! That's being a mom!
He has grown so much I almost didn't recognize him! He is much taller than me and wears a size 10 shoe! He is fit and works out with weights....

This photo was taken at the creek where the kids keep cool in the summer! It was a little muddy for me!

I also got to visit with Anastashia (my friend Cheri's daughter). She was also at the same camp at Ihar. She is very beautiful! She is now sweet 16 (almost 17).
The front of the camp....this would be the main building...the kids do "disco" outside in front of here.

This is a view of the back of the building where the dorm rooms are....The girls are on the top floor and the boys are on the bottom floor. The pavement here is their tennis courts and where they play soccer and basketball.

The creek where they swim....

View from the entrance...colorful. The camp is not at all like I pictured!

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