Tuesday, August 9, 2011

A visit to Tatiana's Datscha

This is Tatiana's datscha...which is really just a country cottage.The government
gives them a plot of land and you have to use your own money to build
a house. This is where most Belarussian people spend the summers and
where they have large gardens (to can and freeeze).

My Ihar....

Happy Mama!

This is Tatiana's "bana" or another name could be "european spa".
They burn wood fires to heat the bana which will get 160 degrees....then they use leaves
to beat you (like a massage) and in the winter, you go into the snow to cool down then back again to the heat....No, I have not done this before! Yes, Ihar has been in a bana.
Americans are rather more modest than europeans (at least this American is!!!)

This is Tatiana's oven in her datscha in which to cook.

Tatiana and Ihar

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