Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!

Marta called this morning (woke me up at 4:30am).

She is doing well. She celebrated New Years Eve with Ihar and her host family. They began the evening with a service at church. Her family attends a Baptist church near their home. The service lasted an hour and a half. There were three ministers; each gave a sermon and a prayer. One of the other Americans with ABRO was also there with his host family and was able to interpret some for her. She said the service was really nice. She was told that Sunday services usually last about two and a half hours.

After church they went on a walking tour of the area around their home. It was bitterly cold! (She said she has been staying warm aside from this late evening stroll.) Then went back home for dinner around 10:30. The festivities in the square below their apartment got cranked up around midnight. Fireworks, music, and dancing until after 3:00am. Ihar was able to spend the night since they were out so late. She got very little sleep because of all the noise and partying going on.

There are no planned activities with ABRO for today or tomorrow, so Marta is looking forward to some "down time" with Ihar. Tonight they go to Tatiana's home for dinner.

Posted by Rommy.


susan said...

Happy new year to Marta and her family and Cheri and her family. Take lots of pictures. Enjoy your time with the kids. Love, susan jamison

Penny said...

Hi Marta,
Glad to hear you arrived safely and are haveing a great time. Hope the pet mouse has a cage! Stay warm and safe. We are praying for you daily. Love you. Brian and Penny

June said...

Happy New Year Marta! I've been praying for your safety and your time with Ihar. I can sympathize with you about the weather, we have been below zero on a few days with wind chill. I hope you use the hand warmers, they really do work well. I'll continue to pray for the seeds you plant to grow after your gone. Keep your spirits up- God is at work!!!