Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Cherikov Shelter

On Monday Marta and the group went to the Cherikov shelter. This is a privately owned center that provides temporary housing to children who are neglected, abandoned, or removed from their families by the state. The shelter has 6 months to attempt to find a home for the children. If a suitable family can't be found, then the state will place them in a state run orphanage.

As part of the program the children presented to the group, they each told their story of how they ended up at Cherikov. Some of their situations were really pitiful and had Marta and the others in tears. Father Frost was there and spent time with each child asking them what they wanted for Christmas. Then the group gave out the gifts they had brought. The children were thrilled with their presents.

Again there was an auction of crafts made by the children and lunch with them. Over $1200 was raised to help with expenses of operating the shelter. The shelter is funded by private donations, much of which comes from churches and individuals in America.

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