Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Tuesday in Mogilev

There were no group activities planned for Tuesday, so Marta was able to spend the day with Tatiana. They started the morning at Ihar's orphanage spending time with the director there. Marta had brought a gift for him and discussed ways she might be able to do some things to help the boys there. He was very gracious and invited Marta to come back whenever she is in the area. This was important to Marta to do whatever she can to insure that Ihar is well taken care of.

They also met up with Cheri and Anastasia and went to the girls orphanage in Mogilev to deliver a gift from Lakeview Baptist Church in Monroe. That also involved a great deal of paperwork and a trip to the bank. (And not just a quick trip thru the drive thru window like here in the states.)

Being a ladies day out, of course, the day had to include shopping! And to appease Ihar, another visit to the pizza restaurant for pizza, coke, and dessert.

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