Friday, January 2, 2009

Dinner with Tatiana

Marta called with another update this morning around 9:30 (4:30pm Belarussian time).

She and Ihar had a traditional Russian New Years feast with Tatiana and her family last night. Tatiana and her husband were there along with their 2 daughters and sons-in-law and 3 grandchildren. It was a huge spread of food and Marta tried dishes she had never even heard of, much less eaten. Overall the meal was delicious. She was impressed by Tatiana's cooking and hospitality.

Today Tatiana took Marta, Ihar, and Anna (one of the host family daughters) sightseeing around Mogilev. She said it is a beautiful city and the people very friendly. They visited a museum and spent some time shopping (a highlight for Marta!). Apparently the value of the American dollar is much greater than that of the Belarussian ruble. Marta treated them to lunch at a local pizza restaurant (a favorite of Ihar's).

It was extremely cold today (about 6 degrees Farenheit). But the people keep their houses very hot. Going from the bitter cold into the inside heat, Marta has developed a sore throat. Please pray that it doesn't develop into anything worse.

Tomorrow the group will be delivering gifts to one of the orphanages. Marta is excited about meeting the children. She will also be seeing Cheri tomorrow. They haven't talked since arriving in Belarus, and she is anxious to get caught up on things.

I hope to hear from Marta again tomorrow and will post an update on her visit to the orphanage.

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