Sunday, January 4, 2009

Sunday in Mogilev

The weather in Belarus continues to be cold and snowy. About 8 degrees Farenheit this afternoon.

Marta and Ihar went to the Baptist church with her host family this morning. It is a large church by European standards - about 200 people in attendance. Adam, the American with the ABRO group was there again and helped her understand what was going on. The service was beautiful, though long, about 3 hours. Most of the hymns were familiar tunes; songs like"There is Power in the Blood", so Marta sang along in English under her breath. They also served communion which was especially touching for her; the bonds we share in Christ cross the boundaries of language and culture. The congregation shared a common loaf of bread and and cup (spread those germs!). She is hoping her contacts with this church might serve as a source for future cooperation.

Marta is still looking to the Lord for direction as how she can further assist one of the orphanages with needs they might have. She has talked with Tatiana and others in the ABRO office. There are a number of areas where help is needed. Pray with her that God would clearly show her how the funds she has available could best minister to the orphans there.

She slept better last night than she has the entire time she has been away, and felt really rested when she woke up this morning. She thanks those of you who have been praying for her.

This afternoon she plans to go with the Anjelica(the mother in her host family) to Hipos (a store similar to a Walmart). She wants to purchase some things for the family that they usually would be unable to afford (treats such as ice cream, fruit, and candy).

Then this evening they are going to go sledding! She has promised Ihar that she would sled down the hill with him. He is excited about that. Ihar is very happy that she is there. Most of his friends in the orphanage had family members to stay with over the Christmas break from school, but Ihar has no one.

Tomorrow the group goes to the Cherikov shelter to distribute Christmas gifts.

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Penny said...

What a glorious day in the Lord Marta. Praise God for what he is doing in Mogilev and in you. Love you. Stay warm! See you soon