Saturday, January 3, 2009

Visit to Orphanage

Today, Marta went to the Ryasno Orphanage near Mogilev. [Ihar used to live near this orphanage before he was sent to the military school and knew several of the kids there.] She said that although the conditions within the orphanage were very poor, the kids were happy and loving.
When her group arrived at Ryasno this morning, they were treated to a Christmas program performed by the children. They sang, danced, and performed little skits.
Afterwards, the orphanage held an auction featuring crafts made by the children. They were able to raise about $1200 through it to help fund projects for the orphanage.
The orphanage also hosted a lunch for the group. [A highlight, because Marta was given an orange--the first time she's had fresh fruit since arriving in Belarus.]
It was extremely cold today--the coldest day of the trip so far. It also snowed all day.

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