Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A Pet Mouse!

Following is an email we received from Marta this morning:

Hi! I am at ARK passing out candy today! Ihar & Liza (oldest little girl who helps me translate some) are here with me. The family is sweet but I have no private time with Ihar. He is very quiet and bored today! He loves his MP4 player, but isn’t talking much to me. I think it is because there are too many people around. I'm not eating much…but trying to drink bottled water. I slept about 7 hours last night. My family has 7 children. The oldest is David, he is sick and has a 103 temp. And Liza slept with me last night; she coughed all night. Today they celebrate New Years Eve…I don’t know how? We’ll see. Am trying to be flexible….only 1 shower, no hair washing yet. Hey, when in Belarus I go with the flow! Tomorrow I hope to see Tatiana and she wants to take Ihar & me sightseeing. I still need to find out needs of Ihar’s orphanage and have not been in a single shop yet. I hope to get someone to take me. I really want Ihar to open up to me….I think he’s happy. Oh, my family has a house mouse for a pet! Yes, you heard correctly. Only my favorite animal..not!
They have 7 children, David, Liza, Hanna, Angelina, Masha, Dasha, and Lupe.


susan said...

May the Lord bless your time and keep you healthy. Have fun. love, susan jamison

susan said...

Happy New Year , give our love to all the kids.