Monday, December 22, 2008

My Host Family

I have posted 2 new pictures Ihar just sent me. You gotta love the picture of him at the "tree lot"!...notice they are artificial trees!

I Have a Family!

My host family is Anzhelika and Sergei Atroshkin. They live in Mogilev near Ihar's orphanage. They have 6 small children. The oldest girl has been to America with the ABRO program and speaks some English. Who knows how much? I will find out! It should be interesting!

Don't forget to check the web site by clicking on the link. You will see current weather conditions and time. It is about 31 degrees and snowing as I write this.

We depart for Washington DC on Sunday around 6:00 am. I appreciate your prayers. May we be the hands and feet of Jesus. And may I have a chance to share Christ with Ihar. Pray for understanding (with the language barriers) and a soft heart.

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