Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Arriving in Belarus

The trip to DC on Sunday was uneventful. The pictures we've posted are of Marta and Cheri after our arrival at Dulles. All the flights were on schedule and they did not have problems making any of their connections in Frankfurt and Minsk. They were able to get everything through customs in Belarus without any questions or added fees.

Marta was exhausted after the long flights and the bus ride from Minsk to Mogilev where she is staying. It was after 8:00 Monday evening (Belarus time) when she finally arrived at the home of her host family. (Almost 38 hours without sleep). She found out that the family lives about a 5 minute walk from Ihar's orphanage. Their apartment is right next to the movie theatre that's in the square with the huge Christmas tree in the photograph that Ihar sent.

Marta called at about 12:20pm Tuesday afternoon (our time), 7:20pm Belarus time. Though she had only got about 5 hours of sleep the night before, she sounded great and was having a blast! They had gone to the ABRO headquarters Tuesday afternoon to sort out all of the gifts the group had brought for the orphans. They were amazed at the variety and abundance that had been provided.

Tatiana, the interpreter that came with the group of children that came to Charlotte this summer, was at the ABRO headquarters to help sort the gifts. Marta was excited to be reunited with her. After they had sorted the gifts, Tatiana took Marta to Ihar's orhpanage. They spent about two hours there talking with the director, seeing the school, and, of course, seeing Ihar!!! Ihar was able to go back with her to her host family's home and spend the rest of the afternoon. Tatiana also invited Marta and Ihar to have dinner at her house tomorrow night.

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Rommy and Zack

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