Thursday, January 7, 2010

With Heavy Hearts

After having spoken with Tatiana, Rommy and Marta received news from the director of Ihar's school. He let them know that there is nothing more he can do, and that they will need to talk to the Minister of Education, who is in Minsk. This, of course, was not the answer they had hoped for. However, they know what they need to pursue in bringing Ihar to America. Although many times speaking with the Minister of Education will not accomplish much, Rommy and Marta are hopeful that, through the connections they have made in Belarus and meeting the school director, they will be able to get somewhere.

Also, the situation with the host family has taken a turn for the worse. As you may know, this is the same family Marta stayed with last year and Lisa, their daughter, spent the summer with us. However, they are extremely opposed to Rommy and Marta trying to bring Ihar to America. It has created tensions in the home and is certainly pushing Rommy and Marta to their limit. Also, Rommy has been getting sick and feeling feverish.

However, on a good note, Rommy and Marta went with the ABRO group on Tuesday to the Cherikov shelter. This is another orphanage in Belarus. It is also where some of the vitamins and medical supplies collected (through a drive at Calvary Church) were donated. They reported to me today that the nurse was so greatful to receive the supplies. She invited them back to the supply cabinet to put them away and Rommy and Marta were shocked to find the shelves bare. They were in desperate need of these supplies and so thankful to receive them. God is good!

Tomorrow is Rommy and Marta's last day in Belarus before there journey home. They leave Saturday and return to Washington, DC on Sunday. They will drive home on Monday morning. I'm sure they will have many more updates and stories once they return!

Please continue to pray for the situation with Ihar as well as their safety as they travel home!

In Christ,

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Jennifer and Greg said...

Marta and Rommy,
Our hearts are heavy too! We know you will continue to work for Ihar and his situation. God knows what is best for Ihar. He created him and He loves him. He knows you love him too. We will continue to pray for his protection and that doors would be opened in Belarus.
Greg and Jennifer Smith