Tuesday, December 29, 2009

At Home in Belarus

After a long car ride up to DC, we parked our car at the hotel and were shuttled over to the airport. We checked in without any hassles and even got the medical supplies bag checked without any extra fees! Praise the Lord! Even going through security with our carry-on's we weren't stopped and didn't have to open our bags. You couldn't have asked for anything more!

Then the journey began...from DC to Germany and onto Minsk. Here we went speedily through customs (once again, Praise the Lord!) and boarded the bus to Mogilov. The roads were covered in snow, which didn't stop the bus driver who continued on at full speed, past the snow plows. Rommy was just a bit nervous and said he would have been going 5mph, if on the roads at all! However, we arrived in Mogilov safely and were greeted at the train station by Sergei and then were able to pick up Ihor at the military school to join us for our trip. Praise God for working in the director's heart to allow us not only to see Ihor, but to have him with us overnight! This year, the Atroshkins prepared a glorious "welcome home" feast for us, complete with the whole family (even the grandparents)!

I will also report that the pet rat is (sadly) no longer. I'm sure that Marta is very distraught not to see her old friend again this year! Whether or not it was part of the feast is still TBD...although I stronly think not!

However, not everything in Belarus is as perfect as it sounds. After calling today, I recieved word of what Ihor had been doing to get in trouble at the military school. I'm not sure how much I am supposed to share, but I will say that he has been caught cheating and getting involved with the wrong group at his school. He has also been selling some of his things (apparently some of what we have sent him as well) to buy cigarettes. This has greatly burdened my heart this evening and I would ask that all of you specifically pray for Ihor at this time. Pray that the Lord will use Rommy and Marta to be a light for him and to help him understand the consequences of his actions. The Lord can do mighty things and it is my prayer that he would do a mighty work in Ihor's life and give new light to Ihor to walk in His steps. Only God knows his heart and I know this is especially troubling to Rommy and Marta as they strive to be a Godly expample, even half a world away.

-More later from Rommy and Marta, on behalf of Zack-

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