Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Weeks 4, 5 & 6 - Liza's Visit

Where did all the time go? Liza and her group left Sunday, August 2. They arrived safe in Belaurs on Monday around 7:00 pm our time (2:00 am their time). These last few weeks, we spent much time with Tatiana (our chaperone); group activities (with the other children who flew to America with Liza); visiting her sister, Angelina, in Pinnacle, NC with her host family; bowling; a trip to the zoo; a trip to Carowinds; shopping; Vacation Bible School; swimming; watching movies (Liza's favorite channel on TV was the Hallmark channel)....and a day of straigtening her hair to look like Hannah Montana....
She is different from our little boy, Ihar. So it was a very different experience for us. She returned to Belarus bearing gifts for Ihar from us as well as gifts for her family. Their views on family are much different than ours here in America.
We are having to make a decision on a trip to Belarus over Christmas soon. Miranda leaves for South Korea on Aug. 17 so our family lives will change again very soon. Amazing how much spice children add to life!!!

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