Sunday, June 28, 2009

Meet Liza! aka "Lizaveta Atroshkina"

Liza arrived on Sunday, June 21, 2009. Her plane landed around 3:30 and after a long wait in customs she and the group she traveled with made their appearance around 5:00 pm. She is the oldest daughter of the family I stayed with in Belarus. She came bearing chocolates for Rommy & Zack, and hand creams for Miranda and myself! Plus she came with letters from her Mama and Ihar (in Russian of course)....! Ihar is upset he could not come but he is happy spending the summer with Liza's family in Belarus.
We have had a busy week. She called her mother in Belarus and her two sisters who are visiting with other families here in America. We have been swimming, shopping with our chaperone, a trip to the dentist, to see the play Cinderella at Matthews Playhouse, watching TV, seeing a movie, meeting my Russian co-workers at Target, and playing with Ethan. Not to mention meeting Rommy's entire family for dinner one night. She is tired and happy!

God is good all the time! Love you all!


Amanda said...

Lovely blog. Bless your Heart and Peace, Joy, and Healing to all of you! Please visit my blog for hope.

Carol Cranford said...

Marta, Liza is a precious and beautiful girl. We really enjoyed getting to meet her. But I've already forgotten the Russian word she taught us. :(